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ARE YOU READY TO BE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE? You are busy. Like really busy. Between running your business/brand and trying to remember everything you need to do in life, managing your time can become a difficult task and job in itself. Let me help you alleviate some of your stress, let’s take all of those thoughts out of your head, write them down, and attack them, in order – together.

What is included in this planner + guide:

  • Blank, customizable monthly calendars Business worksheets
  • Creative weekly planning pages
  • Blank to-do lists
  • Business checklists
  • Monthly goal lists and reflections
  • Motivation and inspiration
the 21-day activity book and planner




The Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide delivers a real-world and direct step-by-step guide for small business owners. 

​Each chapter reveals the marketing secrets that you have to pay the big bucks to learn or spend hours of research to gain insight. The essentials are broken down and analyzed in a straightforward manner to help you quickly learn the best marketing strategies for your business. Marketing steps are covered in each chapter with topics like branding, promotion, collecting and analyzing marketing data, developing your site, media, networking, communications, public relations, research, newsletters, pricing, target audience, competition, planning, social media and much more!

The five steps in this book will increase your marketing and communications knowledge in the following areas:

  • Defining a successful brand 
  • Crafting a winning and detailed marketing plan
  • Marketing resources that will help to increase visibility and gain a target audience
  • How to build a captivating marketing kit

This 21-day activity book and planner helps you to create a well-balanced and purposeful life through daily checklists, goals, and task planning. Each day includes daily checklists, affirmations, note and reflection space, an hourly day planner to help you organize by the hour, a fitness log to ensure you are staying healthy and a daily journal prompt to encourage a space for creativity in your daily life.